Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nothing really changes in the Village of the Damned

"Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) medical officer of health Dr Alistair Humphrey said it was internationally documented that cold, damp homes have ‘‘an actual physical effect on your health’’.
It is also well-understood that physical health overlaps with mental health and that ‘‘people living in a stressful environment often present with physical manifestations’’.
‘‘Uncertainty is anxiety-inducing and cold winters in cold homes can genuinely cause real physical problems,’’ Humphrey said.
Physical health issues usually start once the temperature inside a house drops below 16 degrees Celsius..."

Sounds much like renting in Christchurch 20 years ago. Cold, damp uninsulated and overpriced shit-holes with hopelessly inadequate heating. 
I had a crack in one room that grass grew through from the outside in one place. Drying clothes outside was impossible in the winter and going to bed for warmth was the only alternative to a state of intoxication.
So- what has changed?

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KG said...

Nothing has, and probably nothing will, Os.