Friday, April 19, 2013


Nasa has detected a planet 1200 light years away that is in the zone for 'life as we know it'

News like this is buried deep and you have to look hard for it. It's not so long since finding a planet around a distant star with a telescope was thought to be impossible.

In the USA where this has happened, it's ironic that so many cannot see what is happening right under their noses...


KG said...

Great stuff, isn't it? I love how yesterday's science fiction becomes today's science fact. :)

KG said...

Apologies for the off-topic comment. This from The Australian, subscription required, so I can't give a link:
'THE New Zealand government has approved spending $200 million on buying eight navy helicopters rejected by Australia for reasons including concerns about safety.

Australia tried for more than 10 years to resolve operations problems with Seasprites, ordered for the navy's Anzac frigates, but cancelled an order for 11 of the helicopters in 2008.
An Australian audit of the $A1.4 billion project found the helicopters had a failure rate assessed at up to 20,000 times greater than air regulations allowed...'