Sunday, April 28, 2013

So don't do crimes

"In issuing Elijah Akeem Whaanga, 21, his second strike, Judge Tony Adeane told the Hastings man his two "street muggings" that netted "trophies of minimal value" meant his outlook was now "bleak in the extreme".
"When you next steal a hat or a cellphone or a jacket or a skateboard you will be sent to the High Court and there you will be sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment without parole," Judge Adeane said..."
Now the usual suspects are whining like a bus-full of pommy tourists:
"...Professor Warren Bucklands of Auckland University's Faculty of Law said Whaanga's case made a mockery of its promoters' claim that it would target only "the worst of the worst".
"Whaanga's case is an inevitable consequence of the way in which the legislation was drafted and, what's more, was known to Parliament when it was passed," he said..."
I think the law is working as intended. If these criminal scum can't learn (at the expense of at least three VICTIMS) they are put out of the way of decent people.
This young thug has the means to stop a lengthy jail term in his own hands. Just stop mugging people.
It is infuriating to see the hand-wringers trivialize a violent robbery. The fact that the items stolen are of little value is of no real consequence. The actions are what warrants jail time. Can these blinkered fools not see how if this thug continues down this path, it is only a matter of time before he ups the ante and causes a serious injury or death?


ZenTiger said...

Exactly what I thought. He has a long criminal record, and of course the article focuses on the fact he only steals skateboards and mobile phones - not the fact he bashes people senseless to get them.

It shouldn't take multiple bashed people for him to get the fact that doing such stuff is wrong and that eventually the consequences of his evil begin to affect HIM more than the VICTIM.

KG said...

Quite apart from the violence aspect, the law prof demonstrates an utter indifference to the property rights of law-abiding people.
The prof is as big a danger to the community as the bloody mugger.

TouchStone said...

It's an epidemic of the "progressive" virus - the criminal is the "victim", NOT the person getting slugged.
That way, since the leftists "came to their rescue", they become a voter for life.

the conservative said...

I’ve posted this on all three sites, an Evan Sayet quote:

“The modern liberal will invariably side with evil over good, wrong over right, and in behaviour that leads to failure over success.”

In other words, in the liberal mind everything is reversed; the perpetrator is the victim, and the victim is the perpetrator.

Don’t ask me why, it just is.