Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gun control madness

Reading comments on one of the MSM  'news' sites, I saw a stream of vitriol directed at the US citizens who dare to think their constitution actually means something. Especially Amendment Two.

They seem to actually REMEMBER their history and the tyranny of perfidious Albion has not been forgotten.

But one comment stood out in it's monumental stupidity. I can't quote verbatim, but it went like:

"...name ONE instance where a government official, acting on the orders of the government, killed somebody..."

One hell of a long list, actually.

Arbeit macht frei- ring any bells?


KG said...


KG said...

The gulags. North Korea. Zimbabwe. China.
The total for the 20th century was something like 150 million--you'd think even a braindead piece of walking offal would read some significance into that...

Oi said...
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Oi said...

Senate has tossed it!