Tuesday, October 05, 2010

World coming to an end- somebody has been insulted!

Paul Henry dared to say something negative!


You would think the frickin' sky had fallen.

Someone insults you- you give them a serve back or simply ignore them, as being not worth the effort- as the GG did!

Henry should have told the hand-wringing ninnies to sod off and not backed down, but no doubt at all he has been told his job is on the line. FFS- does ANYBODY take him seriously and believe he is anything BUT an entertainer.

Folks need to harden up and stop playing the race card at every opportunity (except when it's 'White Mofo's' getting slagged)

Or shall we go back to the traditional recourse to insult- the duel?


Oii said...

He was over the top, however he was man enough to make a handsome apology this morning.
I like the guy. The only black spot on him so far, is calling that ugly bint Tariana Turia "Hot" the other morning. [Quietly chunders]

Anonymous said...

I'd like a buck for every time I've been offended by people who get offended by every fucking thing that offends them. Must be a slow news week. Again. mara

peterquixote said...

Lets say we had had a long line of male Governor’s General , and Henry says
“ I think its time we had a woman NZer for GG:”
complaints maybe two or three unacknowledged by TV NZ

but lets say we had had a long line of female Governor’s General , and Henry says
“ I think its time we had a bloke for GG:”
complaints and hysteria from thousands and a rebuke from TV NZ

and so on
Henry’s statement was for the average kiwi, and as TVNZ noted,
reflects an average reasonable New Zealander