Saturday, October 09, 2010

How long does this have to take?

We should have PROVISIONAL election results in by now!

Digital scanning is not exactly new technology- and MOST of the results have been in for some time now.

I guess the counters 'work' like council types 'work'...


Still waiting for the official results- although several hours ago the grapevine said 'status quo'. As for my last comment- They DO work like the council- everything in triplicate.

The forms could be scanned like a lotto coupon- if they are not filled out properly, the voter fails the IQ test and the vote is binned. (each has a unique barcode identifier to get around bent Auckland Liarbore wannabes)

After all, even the extremely unintelligent manage a lotto coupon or the far more technical TAB setting slip!

Still Waiting!

Finally got the news through the back door. The government website was a failure- what a surprise!

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