Sunday, October 31, 2010

A more acceptable form of slaughter

"A woman has died from the injuries she suffered when an alleged drunk-driver ploughed into her car while she and a friend were having a coffee by the side of the road near Otaki.

Shelagh Cotter, 69, died in Palmerston North Hospital about 3am today, about 15 hours after she and a 62-year-old companion were struck by an out-of-control car as they sat on a grass verge on a rural road just south of Otaki..."

Now this case has many parallels with the shooting death last weekend.

Both involve gross criminal negligence causing death and only happened because widely publicized laws were broken. Laws created to prevent exactly these types of needless deaths happening.

But one thing IS different.

The lack of righteous howls of outrage towards the latter. Because it happens so bloody often that a death by drunk driver is barely newsworthy. We have become so used to this happening.

WE shouldn't be. We SHOULD be outraged. A car driven by a drunk is like a bullet fired at random into a populated area.

No better- no worse.

I will be interested to see the fate of the two defendants in these two cases...


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