Thursday, October 28, 2010

A parents anguish

And all it's worth is a community sentence and three years loss of licence.

I could not be so understanding.

As for the judge- where was the example to others set?


This article echos my sentiments well.


Anonymous said...

From the start the parents have shown an amazing capacity for forgiveness, they didn't want him jailed and I think the judge was right to abide by their wishes.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little boy too. How devastating. But would locking up the driver change anything? Hard call, but its the parents I feel for, their loss is unimaginable, and maybe the driver should have been imprisoned for at least a few months. Is this too harsh?

Oswald Bastable said...

I understand what you say, but there is the bigger picture than the victims- that is the community at large need to be protected from such tragedies.

For this reason, part of a sentence needs to be a deterrent to others.

Specifically, petrol-heads who make dangerous and illegal modifications to their cars and drive then in a manner that makes them a menace to others.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Unlike other misanthropic scum, this lad felt - and still feels - genuine remorse, even going to the length of trying to resuscitate the boy he hit & killed. He was in tears trying to read out a statement after the sentencing.

He has learnt a lesson he is never going to forget. Don't expect to see him in anything bigger than a SmartCar, or in any car for that fact, in future. I even suspect that he will be travelling by bicycle, as driving a car and killing an innocent boy would have scarred him beyond words.