Thursday, October 14, 2010

And how about YOUR personal police force?

"Prime Minister John Key says he wants police to have more ready access to Tasers in a bid to head off a possible drift towards more officers being routinely armed with guns.

Mr Key said he supported moves by Police Minister Judith Collins and Commissioner Howard Broad to put firearms in all police cars, where they would be kept in locked cabinets.

But he also suggested he was uncomfortable with what appears to be a slow drift towards police having easier access to firearms outside of stations, and he would draw the line at all officers carrying guns on their hips..."

Of course the Diplomatic protection squad carry concealed and a shoulder holster ain't on the hip- so all is good!

He is protected by armed police, the rest of us plebs will just have to take our chances- and heaven forbid we could take responsibility for our own protection...

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