Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Mendicant's Smart Card

I was reading a piece about restricting cash withdrawals on welfare recipient's debit cards. at Lindsay Mitchell's blog.

This has been a bit of a hobby-horse for me for some years now (I have a background in on-line systems and what COULD be done with them.)

I propose a Mendicant's Card.

  • All benefit monies left after AP's on the account are paid (rent, etc) are restricted.
  • No cash withdrawals.
  • No account fees to get around the fact that these cards are used for small purchases. (actually, a flat fee is paid to the bank by WINZ, which is deducted from the benefit.)
  • The card may only be used in outlets approved by WINZ from a list of approved suppliers (they may be able to negotiate a small discount through volume on this.)
  • Certain items may not be purchased- tobacco, alcohol, lotto, etc.
  • Some items may have a spending limit set (Fuel, for example, to stop trading with it.)
  • Variations may be approved by a case manager, on application.

Now it is said this is a big bad violation of peoples liberties.

I look at it like this:

If a person is unable to support themselves, they are in the same position as minor children and as such not entitled to the same rights and privileges as the self-supporting.

If you won't or can't look after yourself, then you must suck it up and delegate this role. Currently to the tender mercies of the State- preferably (one day) to a charity specializing in this role.


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