Monday, September 13, 2010

Wandering through life with brains at half-mast

"...New community preparedness survey results, to be presented to Greater Wellington regional council's regional sustainability committee tomorrow, show only 39 per cent of people have a household plan for what to do in an emergency, and where they would meet if it struck while people were at work or away from home....

...More than 70 per cent of householders say they have emergency food, water and other supplies and equipment intended for use in a major emergency.

These figures are similar to the 2007 results. But the average number of supplies has risen to 9.2 items from 8.9 in 2007."

Don't come around here looking for help.

There has been more than enough warning that something like what hit the Village of the Damned would happen.

My supplies are considerably more than the 9.2 items in the above clip.

Especially those supplies pertaining to keeping moochers and looters out...

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