Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bludging, stinking leeches

"Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says he feels "repulsed" by members of a family evicted from a welfare centre.

The people were members of a family group of about 30 at the Addington welfare centre, some of whom were behaving unacceptably.

The group took advantage of the centre, intimidated others, created a nuisance and then refused to leave, Superintendent Dave Cliff said.

Checks found they had not told the truth about the damage they had suffered..."

Name and shame the scum!

Not that lowlife who would try this on would have any sense of shame.


"A Christchurch family evicted from an earthquake welfare centre say they more traumatised at being unfairly singled out as bludgers than by the earthquake that sent them fleeing their homes.

The 30-strong Martin family from Shirley, who have links to the Mongrel Mob gang, were called "repulsive" by Mayor Bob Parker after they were trespassed from the Addington Welfare centre..."

Enough said...

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