Wednesday, September 08, 2010

No, the pits of hell have not opened-yet.

"A strong smell of sulphur spreading across Christchurch's eastern suburbs is unlikely to be gas and there was no cause for concern, Civil Defence says..."

I can answer this one.

I worked doing drain laying in the Village of the Damned some years ago.
The gas lines from the old coal gas plant leaked and the smell of this gas permeated the soil throughout the city. When you dig, you release the smell.

I'm picking that the subterranean disturbances have released this rater foul but harmless odor.

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mojo said...

Now, sulfur has a 'struck match' smell, I would be surprised if many people would in fact detect such. But hydrogen sulfide, the Rotorua smell, they would ... and as you almost describe it is sewer gas, and contrary to what you say, it is a toxic gas and in minute concentration.
Safer than a gas leak - well it is a gas - so all that can be said, is it has not been measured. So does detectable mean dangerous? ... to some it does.
Basic rule about chemicals, 'if you can smell them, you shouldn't be there.'