Sunday, September 26, 2010

Enduring pain for your kids

My tramping days were over three knee operations ago.

But I never listen to so-called 'experts' so I'm still (trying to) doing it.

This weekend's effort was an interesting one. For once, the wife came along (the planets lined up) as we got respite care AND the grandparents were willing to do standby duty (two seizures the day we were due to depart!)

The trip was good, the weather held- at least for the trip in and while the hut was totally overcrowded, we got there in time to claim bunks- and more importantly- the mattresses!

The folks that arrived later took the fact that they would be sleeping outdoors or on the floor in good grace- even the young lads who decided to walk out in the dark. that all goes with the territory- good onya!

There was one po-faced git who despite arriving early and securing a bunk- was in a state of mortification at the fact that the hut was taken over by unruly kids, teenagers and other people in general.

He spent the entire time whinging like a bus-load of pommie tourists about open doors (it was WARM) kids running about and all & sundry.

I think (the wife agreed) he had the child that weekend on one of those custody deals and resented the presence of others into their time.

Should have gone to the Orongorongos where they rent out the huts to private parties!

The other 30+ of us had a great time.

BTW- there ARE such things as well-behaved teenagers!
Those kids out qualifying for the Hillary Challenge were a great bunch and I hope they all do well. Great to see a group of well-mannered young people out living it up without setting off the noise control/111 finger!

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