Thursday, February 12, 2009

Police try to sort it- then the courts sabotage their efforts

You may have heard of this story:

"Mongrel Mob gang members forced a terrified neighbour and her two young children from their home, then ransacked it for nearly all its contents the next day..."

And so:

"...Fifty police officers, some of them armed, made dawn raids on seven houses in and around Pomare's Farmer Cres yesterday.

Ten patched gangsters and associates were arrested..."


"...Most of them appeared in Lower Hutt District Court on a range of burglary, drug and intimidation charges.

As the gang members were bailed back to their homes, police said it was not safe for The Dominion Post to visit Farmer Cres last night. Police gave journalists an escort, while other police cars patrolled the area..."

You would have to wonder why the cops bother to get out of bloody bed in the morning!

Housing NZ- all gang members and associates to be evicted. Minister to put this into law.

Police- keep up the good work. WE appreciate you doing this.

'Justice'- DO what the public demand of their SERVANTS. Lock the shit up! Minister of Justice- make it happen.


As an aside and ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the above-

"They emptied almost everything from the house a 42-inch TV, electric appliances, whiteware, beds and bedding, even food."

It's a shame my mortgage doesn't allow me to have a 42" TV!

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