Thursday, February 19, 2009

Apologists- a huge part of the problem

I an heartily sick of hearing whiney-arsed lefties making excuses for the criminal and feckless lower class*

From judges who don't want to do what their employers demand- send wrongdoers to jail, to the rancid ninny on the talkback that was bleating about a violent thug being a victim.

The limp-dicked pussies that think making beneficiaries seek work, take drug tests or attend training is cruel and inhumane. The sort that think it is a career breeders right to pop uncared for pups willy-nilly.

Screw tolerence.

We SHOULD be angry about being forced to pay for parasites.

It's OK to want REVENGE against criminals and to want them sent to prison to be further punished.

Judges- We need to DEMAND accountability from the judiciary. They work for US.

Convicted criminals- why the hell should they have the same rights as a citizen in good standing. They should have bugger all.

The 'Beneficiary'- you exist at our expense. Stop whining and show some friggin' gratitude. YOU are taking food from our children's mouths.

The criminal huggers- go get a job as a Corrections Officer. Watch your world view rotate 180 degrees.

*OK, so it's alright to label us middle class- it follows that there must be an upper and a lower class. On this blog they are no longer underclass, lower socio-economic or whatever. Lower class says it all.

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