Friday, February 13, 2009

Judge or a friggin' social worker?

"...Judge Epati told Mr Sutton: "He [Kurariki] needs to understand that he, number one, cannot go on using drugs because part of the rehabilitation is to get him off drugs so that he doesn't go back the way he started off."

Then he gave Kurariki a "final chance", before releasing him on bail with a stern warning..."

Well, I'm sure that's all settled then- a stern talking to!

This piece of excrement is ON PAROLE. THAT is the chance he was given.

The public demands that Judges lock away those who are not safe to have in public. Forget rehabilitation- this prick is a walking time bomb.

In summing up, the beak came out with this codswallop:

"...Bailey Junior Kurariki, I don't know whether you'll come before me again but let me make it quite clear to you for your sake ... I really should have refused bail for you, and that is because the record shows that time and time again you have [been] given the opportunity to be at large, or on bail terms ... which is that you are not to consume alcohol and drugs. But time and time again a drugs test has been given and you have failed. And once more, although you have protested that you have not taken any drugs, it wasn't until after you've been administered that test that you realised the game was up. You then admitted that you've been taking drugs. This is not a game, Kurariki."

Yes- that is exactly what you SHOULD have done, you frickin' overpaid snivel servant. DO YOUR BLOODY JOB!!!

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