Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do not adjust your set- service will return Tuesday

This site, along with many others, will be 'Blacked out' for Monday to protest the coming into force on the 28th of S92A of the Copyright Act.

Story here.

What will this Fascist law do to this blog?

No more links to MSM stories, for starters. So their hit rates will suffer as bloggers no longer link. I don't think the MSM are aware of the extent to which we promote their sites.

I won't paste verbatim PORTIONS of their stories, as I often do now.

I won't be pinching the odd image, so my other site promoting NZ will be reliant on my meager photographic skills.

I will simply take the story and rewrite a portion myself. Just like I did in school, rehashing the contents of a texbook.

The best I will be able to do to 'quote' my sources is to provide a google search keyword.

It certainly won't stop me ripping into the bastards!

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