Friday, February 13, 2009

One rule for YOU and another for US

"Council authorities are blaming sabotage for a Featherston sewage spill that may have contaminated Lake Wairarapa.

Greater Wellington regional council today said a valve used to drain the Featherston oxidation ponds had been tampered with, resulting in sewage spilling into Donald's Creek which flowed into Lake Wairarapa..."

Now I live not too far from these third-world cesspits. The ponds are quite large and the sewerage treatment consists of being left to decompose and be eaten by ducks (ever wonder why I don't do the duck hunting thing?)

They are a plastic-lined affair, but unlike a swimming pool they seem to be exempt from any requirement to be fenced, although there is a seven-wire fence to keep the sheep out (this is the same council that spend our money on aerial photography to find illegal swimming pools).

Funny how a blow-up pool in a farm back yard may need a permit and approved fencing, but a couple of acres of plastic lined pond full of turds does not. Remember the recent farm tragedy.

So it's no problem for young bastards out exploring to get in. And open valves or gates that should be locked.

If this were a private company, they would be in the shit over this site being accessible and the control gear not being secured from tampering.

But why would the SWDC care? If the regional council fines them, it's only the ratepayers that will be picking up the tab...

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