Monday, October 13, 2008

They would be right...

The parents of the victim would be right!

"...Mr Irons also said he was happy the arrests were made but was concerned that, given two of the alleged attackers ages, they might get off too lightly.

"I'm pleased they got someone & but those little bastards will get off with nothing..."

The bastards (which in all probability is an accurate description) arrested are aged 15, 17 and 25. One will get the wet bus ticket, another a holiday in the Youth unit, playing with taxpayer funded playstations and the older scrote will get a hopelessly inadequate sentence in what passes for a prison in NZ.

The victim survived, against the odds but the outlook for the future is not good. That won't count for much in the sentencing. As they failed to kill him, despite clear intent otherwise- it will out out with the wet bus ticket.

Going by local talk, this looks to be a random attack, these shitheads were apparently 'out to beat someone up'

Are these the sort of people who deserve another chance? I'm betting they are no strangers to the courts.

Think about the various law & order policies before you vote next month.

Now it's murder. What do YOU think the guilty parties should receive?

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