Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cheese Emporium

Today was a trip to the other side of the island to look at beaches with sand, instead of rocks.

As usual, we called into Lindale

The boys like like the farmyard thing (like they have never seen a farm before) Of course there the farmyard animal like climbing all over the visitors- unlike the other way around further north.

A close second to the farmyard was the sweet shop- probably because we failed to mention that until after the farmyard. I did not want to watch devouring beasts of the field and ravenous boys fight to the death over sugar. It gets bad enough with those foul-smelling feed pellets they sell you to feed their stock!

The sweet shop had a selection of pogey bait from the past- huge gobstoppers and lolly pops big enough to give a Greenie apoplexy. I brought a bag of Irish Moss flavoured sweets that I haven't seen since my grandmother smoked herself to death. The boys got red liquorice and a bag of 'Huhu bugs'. 'Er indoors' got chocolate covered coffee beans and I got to pick up the tab.

The Kapiti cheese and icecream shop was impressive and my compliments to the young lad who ran about helping the horde of customers while two useless girls ignored the crowds trying to hand money across the counter.

The icecream was very good- although they will never reach the lofty standards set by Rush Munroe.

The cheeses are currently being nibbled away. I picked the inevitable Kikorangi along with an Awa strong blue, Harvarti creamy smoked and a Camembert with pesto. Served with Crostini, anchovy-stuffed olives, salami, pickled walnuts and gerkins.

A good port on the side, of course!

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