Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cactus Kate calls it right again!

Cactus Kate was right about Masterton!*

"...Annual New Zealand Police statistics published yesterday, show that in the 2007/2008 year to June Wairarapa had 1043 recorded crimes for every 10,000 people followed closely by Lower Hutt at 1041. Kapiti-Mana had the least at 819..."

I'm sure she won't be visiting Lower Hutt any time soon either!

What can you stay about a town that about 25% of Rimutaka Prison calls Home?

I lay much of the blame on Trust House for providing cheap housing for the undeserving- they brought up when most of the state houses were flicked off.

It's what I call 'Feeding Pigeons'

You feed the friggin' things- they breed like crazy and then they and their offspring flap about crapping all over you.


* in no way does this apply to the outlying parts of the Wairarapa, especially Morrisville and Featherston

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