Monday, April 03, 2006

Bullshit line of the week- 'I'm SO busy!'

There are simple solutions to this 'problem'

Don't spend 45 minutes in the shower in the morning.
Grocery shopping- cheapest or the one you always get- easy!
Playcentre is not a fashion parade.
Think first, then dress. You should know what the clothes look like before you put them on.
Do the small stuff the night before, when you are not on the clock.
Ironing- see above.
Some jobs need doing now, most can wait- they won't go away.
The message 'email me' on your anwswerphone.
Flyers from supermarkets you never use don't need to be read.
Boys don't care what they wear. If it's clean, nor should you.
Unless you are in cadet school, beds don't need to be made.
Laundry- load, tip soap in, push button. Time elapsed-45 second- nuf said?
Children= clutter. Acceptance is healthier than prozac.
Plan your trip, as if YOU pay for the petrol AND it's rationed (at $1.53/l, it might as well be!)
Spend five minutes longer in bed- THINKING about what need to be done this morning.

The time you spend complaining about how busy you are actually adds up to quite a bit of time each week. it's enough to do at least one of those things you bitch about not having time to do.


Especially when I'm busy blogging!


Lindsay said...

During the election campaign some woman rang me at 6-20am. (It always give you a start when the phone rings at that time - esp when you have elderly parents). I told her to ring me back at a more reasonable time. Her idea of a more reasonable time was 6-30 when she proceeded to wind up about why I had to listen to her, why I hate solo mothers, why she had to get up at 6 am to make her son's lunch for that day and if she was up I could damn well be up too as I was her candidate and ultimately she screamed at me that I was a rich bitch and hung up. I had to hold the phone away from my ear during this tirade. But as soon as she rang off I thought - why don't you make the kid's lunches the night before like I do.

Oswald Bastable said...