Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busybody of the Week

Robyn Toomath,,13273-5715354,00.html

"Robyn Toomath says in an ideal world, there would be no advertising or promotion of junk food at all."

How about- "In an ideal world, parents would control what their porker brats stuffed into their faces."

Feckin' food nazis!

No doubt a liarbour-voting 'let's ban everything bad- or tax it' type- probably with a background in HR.

Anyone who has seen a 'happy meal' knows that there ain't a lot of food there. A normal kid would burn it off running around, playing sport or playing.

Could these ban all fat, sweet or salty food types have been the spotty fat kid that was always last to be picked for a team? or is it some other form of personality defect that drives then to push their opinions on all & sundry?


KG said...

In an ideal world,busybodies would sod off and mind their own business.

Rick said...

Toomath and Kedgley are the Hamburgler! :)

Steal those Happy Meals!

I have faith in Maccas. They've got a world class legal team and spin clinic- they should be able to handle this.

Murray said...

In a perfect world I would have beaten kg.


KG said...

Easy to do Murray--get up earlier, drink vast amounts of coffee..;O)

Anonymous said...

how about as responsible parents (gosh now theres a funny idea!!) we order the healthy option with gosh fruit and golly gosh water!! its not that hard is it? really?

Anonymous said...

Right On Oswald they are a miserable bunch of gits thin lipped and po faced wankers

Murray said...

Bugger that, haven't been woken by an alarm in years.

Not going to start now just to play a round of point out the bleeding obvious kg.

You know what we'd call New Zealand if evey know all with a half arsed smarter than thu attitude stopped trying to regulate how everyone else lives?


KG said...

Not just NZ, is it Murray? Nannying seems to be the new middle class wanker's hobby or something.

Anonymous said...

look the sooner that RICK get hisself a wife and stttle down to cauliflowre cook up th better