Saturday, April 15, 2006

Youth rates- the case for them

One reason that comes to mind is that youth are so often bloody useless!

The option is needed for paying them what they are worth. In the case of our boy at work, about half that of anyone else.

The concept of being a self-starter is totally lost on him. He works fine when directed, but like a computer needs booting to get him started. His progress about the plant can be tracked by following the trail of discarded sweet wrappers and empty soft drink bottles. Somehow he manages to make even more of a mess when presented with a broom and is directed to clean up.

He has been off two days and my workload remains almost completly unchanged- the morning routine takes about twenty mintes longer.

Today he has decided that he is having too much fun to do his shift tomorrow and will stay up north, despite being rostered on.

I think the problem of choosing between work and fun may be solved for him, come Tuesday...


Tonight I get called back after he has spun out over a couple of minor breakdowns, each taking under 15 minutes to fix.

I think he would find being a lawnmower man stressful...


Anonymous said...

Strange isn't it? I've had a couple of young blokes working for me lately. Totally friggin useless.Even if you tell them what to do they seem to be unable to think past exactly what you have said. Now these are labourer type jobs so these guys aren't exactly top of the heap if you know what I mean. I had interesting time with a young fellow that started work at a supplier of mine - First day on the job and I walk in he's standing there looking lost. I said to him 'Brad if you've got nothing to do just pick up the broom and sweep the floor'
A week later I show up and he comes up to me and says 'thanks for the great advice'. Then his boss starts telling me what a great worker he is. Always doing something she says.I laugh to myself. A year on he's got it.Looks ahead and acts on it.Wish I'd hired him.Oh Well.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I was recently at the hairdresser. He was trialling a girl for the morning. We were both observing her in the mirror. An elderly customer was having trouble opening the shop door and the young lady went to her aid. The owner said to me,"That was good. Most would have just left her struggling."

Oswald Bastable said...

Yep, it only takes about 5% more effort to go from mediocre to an asset.

My monkey still hasn't fronted for what is left of today's shift. At this stage, I'm planning to have to work tomorrow as well.

The 'Please explain' on Tuesday should be interesting...

Murray said...

Completely unfair!

Some of those lawn mowing guys work really hard.

Oswald Bastable said...

Indeed they do, I know several.

Being industrious does not mean stressed, mind!

I was trying to think of a job that would not normally be considered stressful, to a majority of people.

Dog-walker?, Warehouse shelf-stacker?.