Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Stern Mistress

I had occasion to call the Ministry of Justice last night.

I love their automated system! The women who's voice they use sounds like she should be called Mistress Whip or some other dominatrix handle, like Nurse Catheter or perhaps Nanny Spank.

No warm insincere syrupy tone as the voicemail shuffles you from menu to menu here!

This is the voice of someone who means BUSINESS!

She sounds like she should have her hair in a bun, come from East Germany and own an man-eating Alsatian!

0800 776 776


Neil said...

Ah yes - the dulcit tones of someone who sounds like they defected TO East Germany!

Anonymous said...

gulp, i tried the number and i got this timid boy voice, i said to him you gotta mean woman kraut there we hear, us on the outside of justice you know, he said yes it scary, we frightened all the time, i said you want a fascist terror to come in and sort out the kraut for you? what her name, he said gertruden,

Anonymous said...

Oswald - I didn't know that Ruth Dyson was moonlighting with the Ministry of Justice's answer service.

Anonymous said...

Oswald You naughty boy You were reminising about Matron in the dorm in the good old days.Remeber those days.The wrinkled stockings and the hair that grew out of the wort on her nose.