Saturday, April 01, 2006

Big Brother is watching, listening, waiting for YOU!

"...Justice Randerson ordered that widespread suppression orders made at the start of the trial would continue. The order prevents publication of evidence from five witnesses at the trial. He said that Internet bulletin boards and chat rooms might need to be monitored..."


Why not just put a friggin' camera and microphone on every street corner, in every home, workplace, club or bar, while you are at it? Lets open all the mail, in case someone has said something subversive?

Why don't we hold ALL trials in secret?

This fascist crap makes me puke- this really reeks of the thought police!

How different talking on chat or a board to any converstion in a public place- a bar, club or street corner. It's written, I guess and easier to prove.

I'm very uneasy that an individual can be held acountable for the actions of another (commenter, poster)


Never mind monitoring the Internet- the supression order is being pissed all over by old-fashioned pamphlets being handed out.


KG said...

WTF happened to the concept that the courts belong to the citizens?
Justice is supposedly administered on behalf of society, yet we're being treated as the peasants who'd better know our place.
Arrogant bastards.

Murray said...

Why don't we just publish the names and adresses of everyone who is giving evidence against gangs?

How about what schools the underage victims of child abuse are attending?

Justice's sword is not represented as double edged by accident.

Supression orders exist for a reason, just not aggreing with this one does not make the concept suddenly evil.

But nice impersonation of hysteria there.

Oswald Bastable said...
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Oswald Bastable said...

Hmmm, if the cops were actually empowered to take the shithead gangs to peices and the stinkin' KF's were hung, these wouldn't be an issue.

Suppression orders may have a place, in exceptional circmstances-you named two good examples but they are being totally overused. Sports personalities antics, for example.

The cops should be out making criminals lives miserable, not monitoring the bloody internet for the possibility of a crime! It's not like they have a shortage of real work.

(The above deleted post was my post, which I reworded, BTW!)

KG said...

"Supression orders exist for a reason"
But suppression orders are being over-used and mis-used. They've been used to protect politicians and celebrities and to protet wealthy businessmen from adverse publicity.
The law must be seen to be applied fairly and without favour, which is why traditionally so much emphasis has been placed on trials being open to the public.
The public's right to know is an essential component of free speech and democracy because without information bothof those concepts become meaningless.
It's fatuous to use the victims of child abuse as an example--nobody in their right mind would argue against suppression orders in those cases.

Murray said...

Well we're right back to where you don;t agree with the specifics of a particular order.

You do not get to ignore the law because it doesn't suit you.

Unless your name is Helen.

KG said...

"Well we're right back to where you don;t agree with the specifics of a particular order."

No we're not. What don't you understand by my statement "But suppression orders are being over-used and mis-used"?
I never mentioned a "particular order".

Anonymous said...

kg Agree abd I suspect many other thinking Kiwis are very concerned at the confetti that is suppression orders Justice must not only be done It must seen to be done.the Judicary cant complain that about the citizerns lack of confidence if they do things that undermine that confidence