Friday, March 24, 2006

We need more Creeps!

The Prime Minister has hit out at the editor of Investigate magazine...

Helen Clark is not impressed by Mr Wishart whom she calls a scandal-monger. She described him as the "sort of creep who really delights in picking out any little thing that people might have in their background....


"We are not amused..."

To quote the line from 'Under Seige'

"...I don't care what he cost- I wish you had hired him for us..." (or suchlike)

Clarkenfuerer just wishes they had a muck-raker of Ian's caliber on-board. Amatuers just can't compete with a pro.

I bet the whole state machine has been set on Ian's affairs, looking for a misplaced return or the slightest tax issue!

Keep your arse firmly against the concrete!

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