Monday, March 13, 2006

Tar and Feathers time!

Murder at the aviary13.03.2006

Park staff were shocked to discover one of Queen Elizabeth Park's most well-loved characters dead and mangled in his cage yesterday morning.
George the cockatoo had been ripped to pieces and partially eaten after someone had cut his cage open and set a dog on to the birds sometime between 9pm on Thursday night and Friday morning.
The birds' keeper Kelly King, who had looked after George and Charlie for over four years, was in tears yesterday morning as she handled George's remains and tried to calm his widowed mate.
She said she could not comprehend what would motivate someone to perpetrate such a mindless act.


Myself and my children have spent a many hours chatting with these birds.

The scum responsible should be flogged, left for a couple of days in the stocks, with the corpse of the dead bird hung around their neck.

Then they should be flogged some more, tar & feathered, then run out of town.

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Anonymous said...

bad, very bad, then these people go on to violate human, almost always boys without dads,