Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fun & games in the world of Blogging

The excrement is striking the fan over at NotPC

Peter has slammed Ian Wishart, who is now using the 'S' word

I thougth Jorno's had thicker hides than that and that the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about!

I don't have a lot of time for ANY journo's- Ive been misquoted/inaccuratly repoted too many times, and I have not had a lot of exposure to the antique media.

Let men make that crystal clear- IN stories I have been personally involved in-EVERY SINGLE time they have got the story wrong, in some way.

Taboids and the religious are two groups that also belong to the rather long list of things I don't care for, but, hey- you have probably read my profile!

You can add those who threaten suing to the list. What ever happened to 'Meet me on the field of honour, at dawn!' ?


Anonymous said...

Fair comment, Os, and normally I do let it pass...but thanks to the exponential growth of the internet and blogging, Chinese Whispers takes on a whole new meaning, where someone starts off with a misquote, a wrong fact or just malicious drivel, and the next thing you know it's being thrown at you by MSM interviewers as if it is established fact.

For example, the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory. Our magazine dissed the Theory, but loose attention to detail by the Russell Browns of this world and others like him have convinced the great unwashed this was one of my pet beliefs...

I don't dislike PC, and I'm not trying to silence him. All I ask is that if I'm going to be attacked that it is done on the basis of proven facts. After all, that's what I have to do in the magazine and that's why Investigate doesn't get sued, although I'm sure many would love to.

The case, from my point of view, is water under the bridge now. I've made my own position clear, and the dodgy quotes attributed to me have been pulled off the Cresswell site.

The irony is that apart from Free Radical, I'd be hard pressed to think of any other national publication that contained as much libertarian content as Investigate...we're staunch on firearms, property rights and a range of other areas.

Ultimately, most of my critics so loathe my spiritual beliefs that they'll find any reason they can to rubbish anything I do. And that's fine, but they should be honest about their own motivations.

For PC to call our work on al Qa'ida in the Pacific "conspiracy theory" shows he hadn't even read the story.

Again, if I let my journalism standards in Investigate slip to that level I'd be legal dog-tucker.

Oswald Bastable said...

Now a chap who replies like the above to my irreverent and usually flippant commentaries can't be all bad!

And as far as I'm concerned, we need more Journo's happy to stick it to corrupt officials. Plenty of work there.

I might actually have to have a look at this magazine, as I'm guilty of critisizing something I have never read. I'll have to take that one on the chin!