Friday, March 24, 2006

Useless bloody do-gooders!

These assholes stick their noses in where they ain't wanted, then cry when all turns to custard!

Fuck 'em!

Let the bastards rot- a train-load of these wankers isn't worth the life of one soldier.

They don't need to be there- after all, they could be just as effective praying from home!

Don't feel sorry for them when some wog decides to saw their empty heads off. They will be going where they all are to wanting to go- aren't they?

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KG said...

These sanctimonious self-righteous little jerks have been given the freedom (and the money) to travel to Iraq by a society and a civilisation they obviously loathe.
It's a bloody pity they didn't get their head lopped promptly upon capture, saving far better men than they'll ever be the trouble of saving their sorry asses.