Thursday, March 23, 2006

Interesting website of the week

The Workhouse

A fine solution to the congenitally idle!

My proposal is to bring back this fine institution for those who have chosen a 'work-free' lifestyle and those who habitually commit crimes while on the dole.

Drug-addled wastrels and senseless breeders could well do with a spell on the treadmill too! The luxury model above has a roof, but that could be dispensed with. Modern materials are much more rust-resistant!


Anonymous said...

ostable, that look like the local get fit place less tread mills, you know them girls like blondes you know they do exercise on them thing go round and round,like that, but yous cant do drug and go round and round on tread mills, best to cut out the exercise all together, and if yous want to be a wastrel,

Anonymous said...

I just had this wonderful vision of all the rowing machines and exercycles hooked up to put power into the national grid...