Monday, February 13, 2012

What if it were the school bus drivers?

"Hundreds of teachers have criminal convictions and many are not fit to teach, newly released figures show.
Teachers have been investigated for sexual misconduct, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, incompetence, dishonesty and viewing pornography in the past two years..."

Now if it were any other group- hell, you get the odd bent Corrections Officer and there is a big media feeding frenzy! Do they not have the police checks that the rest of us who go near the public must have? (I had to have a check to join the volunteer ambulance)
Or are members of one of the largest trade unions exempt. Of course this oversight could be simple incompetence, which would not be a great surprise...

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Oi said...

As a school bus driver in these days of my dotage, we have a rigorous check each time we renew our driver license. It takes 3 months from the application to the renewal, which is at a maximum of 5 year intervals, and costs $400 bloody dollars!
For a teacher not to be checked seems unbelievable.