Friday, February 24, 2012

Just another bunch of criminals

"Former cabinet minister Sir Douglas Graham should be stripped of his knighthood after being found guilty of making false statements, a Lombard Finance investor says.
Paul Wah was in the High Court at Wellington today to see Graham and Bill Jeffries (also a former cabinet minister), and two other former Lombard Finance directors, be found guilty of four charges of making false statements..."
LIke all thieving crims, they now need a lengthy term of turning big rocks into little rocks- all the better to understand what some folks have to do to earn money!


KG said...

Hmm..the judge seems to have tied himself in knots trying to justify why the bastards won't be sent to jail, implying that their actions were little more than an administrative oversight.
Of course, had it been you or me, it would be a heinous crime worthy of imprisonment.....
One law for us, another for the elite.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I was about say that i'm sure they won't serve a prison term when i saw KGs comment.

It's funny isn't it, there's a certain class of people who seem to be exempt from any real punishment. Even taxes, at least out here.