Monday, February 06, 2012

First against the wall

"...But while some Maori activists were protesting at Waitangi yesterday, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres criticised those Pakeha who still resisted moves to give "special treatment" to disadvantaged Maori, thousands of whom suffered inequality.
"I still have a sense that there is a lack of generosity in some Pakeha attitudes to Maori and there is a lack of will to see measures taken that will help to remove that disadvantage and there is a lack of understanding of this notion that it is actually fair to deal specifically with people who are suffering unfairness..."
And it won't be 'ready, aim- fire!' More like 'Fix bayonets!'...


Oi said...

I dont like that man!
A bigger racist than John Hatfield!
The only glimmer of light in the tunnel, is that his position is finite

KG said...

Slimy little bastard--if Key had any spine at all this divisive prick would have been looking for a real job the day after National took office.
A "lack of generosity" eh....I guess billions in fishery and forestry companies, welfare and special programs for mooori is a
Why not give 'em a whole country and a bunch of skilled white slaves to run it for them?
It's only fair.

Anonymous said...

by Michael in Nelson,

What would you have John Key do? Open fire on NZ citizens? Yes? So where do you draw the line? Which get shot and which do not?

As much as I believe the Maori protestors are wrong and misinformed (and misguided by their tribalist leaders) Key did the right thing by not slaughtering the ignorant. Having said that... there is a certain desire to see the mortal end to the Hawawera (I really do not care about the spelling) clan

KG said...

"What would you have John Key do? "
Well, stop giving away NZ to the primitives would be a good start.
Stop funneling money from the productive to a bunch of violent baby-killing bludgers would be a pretty fair second act.
Telling the truth to the people of NZ and stop making secret deals behind closed doors with a pack of separatists will do for the third.

KG said...

Besides, Michael, I think Oswald was referring to one person,the Race Relations Slimeball.

Oswald Bastable said...


The Gantt Guy said...

So a problem created largely by the generous application of Other People's Money, can be solved by the generous application of even more of Other People's Money?

Since Other People have had such a fantastic return on their investment so far, I wonder what heights could be scaled should we tip in even more. Perhaps instead of just sitting around all day smoking methamphetamine and killing their babies, they could improve their performance by sitting around all day and killing, then eating, their babies?

Now that would be authentic, don't you think? Real, genuinely historical accuracy. Seems to be what de Bres and the rest of the Progressive Elite want.

KG said...

"Real, genuinely historical accuracy."
Yep exactly. And I'm still laughing! Spot-on, Gantt.

Anonymous said...

An ignorant twat in a suit is still an ignorant twat.