Monday, February 27, 2012


"Legislation will be introduced requiring sole parents on the Dependent Purposes Benefit with children aged 5 and older to look for part-time work.
Those whose children are 14 or older will be required to look for full-time work..."
And now wait for the howls of outrage about such draconian measures as food cards and direct payment of rent and power (only for a few spongers, mind- should be for anyone on a benefit more than a couple of months)
As with kids who live at home and bitch about the living conditions and rules- suck it up OR get a friggin' job and support YOURSELF (and your bastard offspring!)

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Oii said...

I worked long hours in shit jobs to bring my children up without help from the State. They all turned out fine and all with jobs.

I strongly object to being forced to, in effect, pay to support some scrubber and her spawn as well.

However, in a similar vein to the unemployment benefit, I concede that there will be the occasional genuine case where a mother is cast up on the rocks and I have no problem at all with giving a helping hand in such circumstances.