Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The UGLY face of PC

"A mother is seeking legal advice after her 5-year-old son was made to clean toilets by a caregiver at Chipmunks as punishment for supposedly hitting a girl in the face with a ball..."

This fugly fat-body has just had her reality check bounce.

"My mana has been taken away from me. Noble's spirit has been trampled on."

What a load of rot!

What happened was a child was punished for bad behaviour by being given a minor chore- helping one of the staff clean up the toilets. Sounds fair to me and I would be backing up the day care if it were my kid.

How predictable that the bloated bush-pig that has been complaining to every agency under the sun is 'a trainee teacher at Waikato University'

I spit on such people- and all those other who proote denying responsibility.

I have an idea for her and those who bitch about daycare.

Raise your own friggin' kids!

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