Sunday, June 14, 2009

I would be bucking the trend again

"South Wairarapa people have delivered a very clear message to town fathers that libraries, swimming pools and public halls for all three towns is regarded as being sacrosanct.

Written submissions on South Wairarapa District Council's long term community plan are due to be heard next week and keeping services in the individual towns features more prominently than any other issue.

The unanimous show of support for keeping libraries and swimming pools in particular follows a council probe into how the towns felt over keeping facilities in light of a hefty rate increase this year, and lesser increases in the years ahead..."

I can tell you for free that was was bloody not unanimous!

My submission:

"In these tough economic times lagre rate rises are unaceptable.

I submit that council activities must be strictly in the areas of core services only.
Water, waste, roads, parks. Generally anything now done by a contractor.

All non-essential services must be minimised.

Capital works should only be in the areas of essential services- water, waste and roading.

We should only be funding one swimming pool and that should run only for the period December
to the end of Feburary.

Swimming clubs should be paying more for the use of pools, as they
monoploize the evening use of these expensive facilities. Ratepayers don't pay for golf courses.

Libraries should not have public computers. That is the function of Internet cafes.

SWDC should NOT spend money on offices. If they are too small, reduce staff levels or hire

Replace 'engineering' staff with a Clerk of Works. They do no engineering now.

Make Dog Control pay it's way. ENFORCE the existing regulations.Also enforce water restrictions- these are currently
treated as a joke.

Council should have no involvement in charity, promotions, climate change, cultural matters
or entertainment- Again- stick to core services."


I can't say much, but apparently I'm not the only one thinking this way and the axe will be falling...

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