Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hospital Security

Things have change since my last hospital stay. Back then you could wander about at will (in my case as well as you could with a blown-out lung)

No more.

Doors are magnetically locked and you have to be passed through by the staff. Which is bloody annoying (for the staff too!) as when staying with a child, we had to go in and out for food and drink.

The worst part was waiting on the other side of a door while my son screamed the house down on the other side (he was getting IV medication and didn't like it) I can tell you it was a real effort of will not to kick that goddammed door down!

But I don't blame the hospital or the staff- not at all.

They have to run the place like a prison because of the low-down theiving varmints that will steal anything not welded to the floor!

In my book, scum that would steal from a hospital are in dire need of a fatal beating. I have heard, on good authority, that they willl steal the bedding while their own kids are in there recieving treatment!

If they aren't stealing, they are using the hospital as a drop-in center while visiting another inbreed no doubt in with self-inflicted problems. My wife tells stories from a past stay, of visitors being kicked out for sitting around the bed drinking, smoking and generally being pond-dwelling arseholes.

I hear the in Auckland, the problem is several orders of magnitude worse!

Next time you are inconvienienced on a visit by the security- don't blame the hospital.

Blame the scum we feed at our expense through welfare...

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