Thursday, June 11, 2009

More on councils and elections

I favor the idea - one rateable property, one vote.

If you don't hold a chip in the game- you don't get to play and that does mean that those renting get no voting rights.

If a husband and wife can't agree (and only own one property) they should abstain.

Over at Not PC there is a list of suggestions for Rodney Hide:

  • Eliminate the ability of non-ratepayers to vote in all local body elections;
  • Reintroduce non-resident ratepayer vote;
  • An immediate and permanent cap on the ratings levels of councils at existing monetary levels;
  • Require that the 25% of councils each year that tax ratepayers at the highest level per ratepayer be required to reduce rates to the level of the lowest council;
  • Require the abolition of all general rates differentials (e.g. higher rates for commercial properties vs. residential), with the current lowest general rating category applying across the board;
  • Eliminate targeted rates in favour of direct user charges;
  • Eliminate local authority petrol and diesel tax;
  • Immediately prohibit all councils entering into any new commercial or non-commercial venture of any kind, and require that all existing trading activities of councils (including roads) be transferred to Local Authority Trading Enterprises;
  • Prohibit ratepayer funding for any activities of any Local Authority Trading Enterprise;
  • Prohibit new council borrowing. Existing debt repayments will only be able to be made from existing revenue sources, including privatisation;
  • Prohibit councils making bylaws that interfere with individual freedoms and private property rights;
  • Require that all councils when acting under their statutory obligations under the Resource Management Act, fully respect all private property rights;
Looks like a good start. I would like to add neutering, microchipping and muzzling for all those on the council payroll.

The rabble at SWDC could certainly stand some attention from a vet!

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