Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Snouts in the trough

I'm disgusted to hear in the local rag that large numbers of those placing submissions want MORE services provided by local council.

In other words, they all want THEIR pet hobby horses paid for by everyone else! Typical human greed, but the bit that beggers belief is that they want these goodies provides by one of the most inept and bungling local bodies in New Zealand- a council that is considered a joke BY OTHER COUNCILS!

But I guess piss-poor service delivery at the expense of others is better than coming up with the brass yourself.

The can't seem to get it past their own self-interest that the position is like that of a minimum wage family wanting- no, demanding- a 55" LCD tv, all the SKY channels and a leather lazyboy to park their wide arses in. Three towns, an urban population of under 7000 and everything in triplicate- Waste treatment, water treatment, pools, parks, libraries and so on.


The current funding is such that none of these things run well and still these fucktards want more. When these towns were built, the locals had to front up and fund improvements themselves by public subscription, fundraisers and volunteer labour.

Its about time we went back to the wisdom of our elders, who knew a bloody sight more than we ever give them credit for!

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