Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Get Tough

or stop being a bunch of wussies!

Living out of the main centers, we often have to deal with DAYS without electricity. Even when we pay for it.

I used to be on pre-payed power down in Christchursh (they gave a good discount then) The meter started beeping THREE days before power is estimated to run out. I always used to get ahead on my power, anyway. Get organised and stop waiting for shit to happen!

That aside- are you not well-warned to be prepared for three days without any services? I can easly guess how these types who can't even figure out that food can be eaten cold will get by. Or not.

Having had to live under canvas in temperatures well under zero, I have little sympathy for a bunch of wusses getting a little cold due to their lack of foresight.

Hell, we have taken the kids camping when everything is white and frosty!

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