Friday, January 16, 2009

Crush the boy racers AND the cars!

"Christchurch mayor Bob Parker is calling for the Government to tell the city how to deal with the problem of boy racers..."

This is the trouble with public roads. Every sod is free to use them and these pricks seem to have next to nothing to stop them abusing them.

No need to involve central government unless you really want the dickhead control SNAFU. Just tell the police to sort it out.

Resource them properly to do the job.

Then stand the hell out of their way and let the experts get on with their job.

Without the hand-wringing when some poor, disaffected Yoof get a richly deserved clip around the swede with a aluminium bar.

Without the whining when some kid with wealthy parents has to spend the weekend in the pokey with the dregs of 'TheVillage of the Damned'

With no sympathy when the japper shitbox brought on a student loan is reduced to a paperweight. And the loan is still outstanding.

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