Monday, January 26, 2009

Bludgers, bastards and freeloaders in general

Freeloaders of the Day;

The South Wairarapa Swimming Clubs (especially the bludgers in Greytown).

Now here is a sports body that REALLY wants us ratepayers to dig deep!

While the local rugby clubs get their grounds mown at the ratepayers expense, these clowns want a pool maintained with all the power, chemical and service costs paid for- so they can then monopolise the pools after 5pm when hot ratepayers (the poor bastards that actually fund this) get home from work and wouldn't mind a dip to cool down! Heaven forbid they could share the pool, by roping part of it off!

They obviously have 'contacts' within the local council as they get a grandstand build at the Featherston pool for about 80 grand, Thi swill get used on about two days a year, while the rest of the facility is in an advanced state of disrepair- the toilets look like those found in France!

Will any of these bludgers ever turn out for a working bee? No leave THAT- to other volunteer service groups- Lions, last time it got painted. Every man woman and child should have been down there with sandpaper and paintbrushes.

The Greytown mob wanted the ratepayers (from a town with approx. ratable properties) to fund a 50 meter covered and heated olympic frickin' pool!

Even the SWDC morons realized that this would be political suicide and politely told them to sod off and find the money themselves.

Now if I want a game of golf (I don't) I would be expected to dig ito my pocket and pay subs which fund the groundskeeper and the green upkeep. I don't see the fricking council paying for the green to be mowed. Nor do they provide mowing, weed-control or electricity to my gun club. I pay subs for that and attend frequent working bees- which is as it should be.

They could travel a bit further north and look to the shining example of the Carterton Swimming club, who run the pool for the council and keep an old pool pristine and well-staffed with friendy helpful lifeguards.

These fricken swimming clubs need to get their hands back into their own pockets and their face out of the public trough. And stop playing the 'what about the children' card.

If those who cry this one really gave a shit, they wouldn't hesitate to get their own chequebooks out!

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