Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prick of the week

Former police inspector Ross Meurant

Someone who should know better than to open his big mouth and let stuff come out.

"...Former police inspector Ross Meurant says the armed offenders squad member who fired the shot that killed teenage courier driver Halatau Naitoko should be tried before a court..."

Now he of all people should know that first there is an inquiry into event, which will determine whether or not charges (and which ones) should be laid.

For the leftist retards who inevitably cry 'whitewash' these internal inquiries are run by a certain type of person who is hell-bent on finding fault. They are the hall monitors and prefects of the world- nasty, officious and pompous wannabe prats with delusions of adequacy and as likable as a Wolverine with diarrhea. (based on my experiences with these types in the services)

The correct comment for this twat to have made would be: "let's wait until we have the full story"

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