Monday, January 19, 2009

Cafes to not bother with.

Last Thursday I posted on the Invercargill cafe owner that refuses to serve Jew's. Now another Cafe has joined in the rush to commit economic suicide (hopefully)

I said:

"...Well, however you may feel it IS his shop and he should be able to serve-or boot out whoever he likes. It's called property rights and they don't change because the property owner is a prize prick..."

And that holds true.

Principles like property rights and freedom of speech are unchanged just because you find what the others are saying is repugnant, racist or hateful. It's also a two-way street as those who don't like your opinions or actions are free to tell you that you are a complete and utter pick and to take their business elsewhere.

However, as has been rightfully pointed out- this is MY opinion on how things ought to be.

It's not how things are in law. Regardless of what I think of the law, we are currently stuck with it- and these 'hospitality providers' are in breech of the law.

A law which appears to be taking the 'softly, softly' approach.

Would that they do the same when you dare to open your business during Easter? Or put up a sign- 'No Maoris or Islanders' (the later had better be on a plyboard sheet big enough to cover the whole window!)

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