Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not the right way to deal with this

"An Invercargill cafe owner's refusal to serve Israelis on the basis of their nationality is a clear human rights breach, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres says.

Sisters Natalie Bennie and Tamara Shefa were upset after being booted out of the Mevlana Cafe in Esk St yesterday by owner Mustafa Tekinkaya..."

Well, however you may feel it IS his shop and he should be able to serve-or boot out whoever he likes. It's called property rights and they don't change because the property owner is a prize prick.

Of course everyone who doesn't like what he has done is free to take their custom elsewhere, to tell him why and to persuade all their friends and acquaintances to do so.

His suppliers should also be free to stop supplying him, should they choose to do so.

Bagel & Lox, anybody?

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