Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sort your own shit out!

"New Zealand's guest-worker scheme and multimillion-dollar aid programme have come under fire in a report claiming they are failing to lift Pacific nations out of poverty.

The report, by an Australian-based think-tank, comes as Prime Minister Helen Clark attends an annual summit of Pacific leaders in Niue, and it says the seasonal labour scheme may be contributing to the gap between rich and poor..."

Here's a thought;


You all want to play at sovereign nations, yet blame us for not fixing your screw-ups. These banana fiefdoms are like kids who want the rights and privileges of adults, yet shun all responsibilities.

Like all upstart kids, they need to be booted out of home to fend for themselves. If they want NZ and Australia to fund them, they need to take a big mug of shut the fuck up and let us run the show.

Not desiring my tax money to be flung into a bottomless pit, I support the first option!

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