Saturday, August 16, 2008


There are a ton of bollocks thrown about over this event. The need to upstage the previous host with the best fireworks display, fanciest stadium and the wankfest of the opening ceremony.

I can't be arsed with any of that. Nor do I care a rat's arse what muggins country hosts it. So the Chinese are a bunch of bastards who may send their losers to the organ farms. I'm not about to fall about wailing and gnashing my teeth over that.

Then there is the collectivist bullshit about NEW ZEALAND winning- like every fat prick in a Lazyboy had anything to do with it!

What needs doing- as with so many things- is to return back to basics. Chuck out the crap like bowls along with all the teams sports like hockey, basketball and soccer.

It SHOULD be about individual excellence. The teams sports can generally sod off, although events like team rowing and relays should remain.

The outstanding row by Mahe Drysdale is an example of what I find great about top competition. A magnificent effort to place third when off top form through illness!

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