Friday, August 15, 2008

Opiates for the masses

I was watching (not through MY choice!) the exercise in state-funded bad acting Shortland street/

All the nurses are 20 something's eye candy.

Every time I have had a stay in hospital the nurses have been 40+ and while not unattractive, did not look like they had come from their part-time modeling jobs. (I must add that they ALL looked mighty good when they were bringing me my morphine!)

I have been LUCKY! Give me age/experience over pretty every time when I'm under the knife!

I WANT a nurse that's been on the job for longer than a student has been alive!

I'm in a hospital- not a bordello!

The only thing that scares me more than a student nurse is a 25 year-old house surgeon with a catheter!

This post has been amended as I was inadvertently unkind to some of the best examples of humanity on this planet.

I'm sorry!

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